Overview of existing clients
The XAD system is a client based unarching system. This means there is a master library called xadmaster.library which provides an interface between the client and the user application and there are clients handling the special archive formats. Three different types to handle file and disk archives and also disk image files (filesystem) are possible. They can be made by everyone. The master library itself includes some of these clients internally to make the work somewhat easier for the package maintainer and the user installing it.

And now a table with information about the current clients:

AceArchiver made by Marcel Lemke. Encrypted files are not supported, because of missing decryption code.SDIfile
Ace MS-EXEThe self executable Ace file format for MS based PC's.SDIfile
Amiga Plus UnpackUnpack file archiver used for older German "Amiga Plus" coverdisks.SDIfile
Amiga Standard FSThe standard filesystem of Amiga computers in all its 6 forms (OFS and FFS in Normal, International or Dircache mode).SDIfilesystem
AmiPackAMI-Pack file archiver used on German "Amiga Magazin" coverdisks. This client is lots faster than original tool.SDIfile
AMOS BanksGeneral AMOS banks.Stuart Caiefile
AMOS Icons BankAn client to extract icons from AMOS files.Stuart Caiefile
AMOS Pac.Pic BankAn client to extract IFF pictures from AMOS files.Stuart Caiefile
AMOS Sample BankAn client to extract IFF samples from AMOS sample files.Stuart Caiefile
AMOS SourcecodeAn client to extract sources from AMOS files.Stuart Caiefile
AMOS Sprites BankAn client to extract sprites from AMOS files.Stuart Caiefile
ArUnix object file archive library.Stuart Caiefile
ArcVery old archiver. Encrypted archives cannot be detected, but password is supported! Arc normally uses upper case passwords!SDIfile
Arc CBMOld CBM (e.g. C64) Archiver.SDIfile
Arc CBM SFXSelf executable format of CBM Arc.SDIfile
ArjOften used archiver on MS-DOS/Windows machines.SDIfile
Arj MS-EXEThe self executable Arj file format for MS based PC's.SDIfile
ASCII encodingOne client for lots of these ASCII mail transfer formats like uuencode, base64, abe and others.Stuart Caiefile
BZipFile archiver which came before bzip2.Stuart Caiefile
BZip2Often used tar-compressor. The format does not store decompressed size, so certain limitations exist on extracting (e.g. no size displayed and extracting to memory may fail).Stuart Caiefile
BZip2 SFXShell-script based self executable forms of BZip2 archives for Unix. Serveral different formats are supported.Stuart Caiefile
C64s TapeImageImage of C64 tape.Ronald van Dijkfile
CABThe popular MS-Windows installation file archive format.Stuart Caiefile
CAB MS-EXEThe self-extracting form of CAB.Stuart Caiefile
CBM-DOS 1541/1571 FSFilesystem of 1541 floppy for C64/C128.Ronald van Dijkfilesystem
CBM-DOS 1581 FSFilesystem of 1581 floppy for C64/C128.Ronald van Dijkfilesystem
CBM-DOS 2040/3040 FSCBM-Filesystem.Ronald van Dijkfilesystem
CD ImageRaw dump of a CD-ROM.Ronald van Dijkdisk
CD-i FSCD-i CD filesystem.Ronald van Dijkfilesystem
CompDiskOlder disk archiver by Olaf Barthel.SDIdisk
CompressSometimes used tar-compressor. The format does not store decompressed size, so certain limitations exist on extracting (e.g. no size displayed and extracting to memory may fail).SDIfile
COP!Buffer files of COP disk backup and copy tool by Armin Sander.Stuart Caiedisk
CpioA tar like uncompressed archive format used for example in RPM files.SDIfile
CrunchOld CP/M cruncher using LZW compression.SDIfile
CrunchDiskXPK and PP based archiver by Klaus Deppisch.SDIdisk
DCSXPK based "Device Compression System" by Nicholas Clarke.SDIdisk
DImpDisk-Imploder by Albert-Jan Brouwer.Stuart Caiedisk
DImp SFXSelf extractable form of Disk-Imploder.Stuart Caiedisk
DiskPacked ZipCodeC64 data storage format.Ronald van Dijkdisk
DMSThis archiver supports the complete range of files, which can be produced using DMS. This includes disk images and file archives. Some of these files are corrupt and DMS itself cannot handle them (but this client).SDIfile + disk
DMS SFXSelf extracting DMS/FMS archives of DMS 2.x including corrupt format of DMS 2.04.SDIfile + disk
El Torito bootable CDImage of bootable MS-DOS CD's.Ronald van Dijkdisk
EPFArchive files of game Darkmere.Ronald van Dijkfile
Game/Demo FSFilesystems of game and demo disks.Ronald van Dijkfilesystem
GDCOld XPK based disk archiver by Marcel van Lohuizen.SDIdisk
GZipThis client only supports one-file GZip archives. If no filename is stored in the archive, a default is used.SDIfile
GZip SFXShell-script based self executable forms of Gzip archives for Unix. Serveral different formats are supported.SDIfile
HAArchiver by Harri Hirvola. Often used for text compression.SDIfile
id PAKFile format used by id in their games (DOOM, DOOM II, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, ...).Stuart Caiefile
id WADFile format used by id in their games (DOOM, DOOM II, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, ...).Stuart Caiefile
id WAD2File format used by id in their games (DOOM, DOOM II, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, ...).Stuart Caiefile
ISO 9660 CDFSFilesystem of ISO9660 CD's.Ronald van Dijkfilesystem
LBR C64C64 data storage format.Ronald van Dijkfile
LhAThe wellknown standard Amiga archiver. This archiver client has been tested with lots of different files and also handles defective archives in a very good way. It handles all archives correctly which crash Stefan Boberg's LhA and later releases, but Stefan's LhA is still faster than this. This client also handles compression methods unknown to Stefan's LhA.SDIfile
LhA C64 SFXThe self executable LhA file format of C64/C128 computers.SDIfile
LhA MS-EXEThe self executable LhA file format for MS based PC's.SDIfile
LhA SFXThe self executable LhA file format from Stefan Boberg.SDIfile
LhFOlder Amiga archiver by Stefan Pampin.SDIfile
LhPak SFXSelf extracting archiver used for Zoom 5.x releases.SDIfile
LhSFXSeldom used self extracting archiver.SDIfile
LhWarpOlder disk archiver by Jonathan Forbes.SDIdisk
LightFileSystem FSGames and demo filesystem by Lighting Inc.Ronald van Dijkfilesystem
LUAn uncompressed "BASIC Library Manager" archive format.Ronald van Dijkfile
LyNXC64 data storage format.Ronald van Dijkfile
LZXLZX archiver made by Jonathan Forbes.SDIfile
MacBinaryUncrunched transport format for Macintosh files.SDIfile
MakeSFX 1.0MakeSFX is an AmigaDOS script by Stuart Caie generating self-extracting Amiga archives.Stuart Caiefile
MakeSFX 1.2MakeSFX is an AmigaDOS script by Stuart Caie generating self-extracting Amiga archives.Stuart Caiefile
Marc's DiskCruncherXPK based archiver by Marko Pozarnik.SDIdisk
Master Boot RecordBoot-Sector (MBR) of PC-style hard-disks.Ronald van Dijkdisk
Microsoft FAT FSThe filesystem used on all the MS compatible machines. Supports FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32.SDIfilesystem
MS-TNEFMicrosoft TNEF mail attachment format.Stuart Caiefile
MSAMagic Shadow Archiver.Stuart Caiedisk
MXM-Simple Archive SFXSimple self extracting archiver found in Zoom 4.1 archive.SDIfile
NiteTimeGamesDos FSThis filesystem is used in the game Mean Arenas and the demo for the game PremierManager3.Ronald van Dijkfilesystem
OutlookExpress4 MailboxMailbox files of Outlook Express 4.Michal Jarzynskifile
PackDevXPK based archiver.SDIdisk
PackDirA RISC OS archiving application that uses LZW compression.Stuart Caiefile
PackDiskXPK based archiver by Edgar M. Vigdal.SDIdisk
PackItOlder Macintosh archiver.SDIfile
PAK SFXSelf extracting archiver by Mark Riley.Ronald van Dijkfile
PC64 FileC64 image file.Ronald van Dijkfile
PCompress PACKArchive format of PCompress.SDIfile
R.A.W. dataR.A.W. diskmagazine datafile.Ronald van Dijkfile
RARThis archiver is often used on MS-DOS/Windows computers.Mikolaj Calusinksifile
RAR MS-EXEThe Self executable RAR files for MS based PC's.Mikolaj Calusinksifile
RigidDiskBlockBoot-Sector (RDSK) of Amiga-style hard-disks.Ronald van Dijkdisk
RPMArchive format of "RedHat Package Manager" for Unix distributions.Stuart Caiefile
S-OmniOld, seldom used selfextracting format.SDIfile
S-PackOld, seldom used archiver format.SDIfile
S-Pack SFXSelf extraction version of S-Pack.SDIfile
Sanity OS FSSanityOS filesystem format is used on Sanity demo disks.Stuart Caiefilesystem
Savage CompressorDisk archiver mady by Markus Zeller based on a cracked version of LhA by Stefan Boberg.SDIdisk
SDS Software SFXSDS Software Self Extracting archives (used to distribute DMS utility (1.01 to 1.11).SDIfile
Sensi disk FSFilesystem used on some games made by Sensible Software (e.g. Cannon Fodder 1 and Sensible Soccer 1.1)Ronald van Dijkfilesystem
SFS3 FSSmartFilesystem version 3.Andrew Bellfilesystem
ShrinkOlder Archiver by Matthias Meixner.SDIfile
Sout DataData files used in the games Crystal Dragon and Kid Chaos.Ronald van Dijkfile
SQFile squeezer by R. Greenlaw.SDIfile
StuffItPopular Macintosh archiver by Aladdin, older version.SDIfile
StuffIt 5Popular Macintosh archiver by Aladdin, newer version.SDIfile
StuffIt 5 MS-EXESelf extractable version of StuffIt 5 for MS based PC's.SDIfile
SuperDuper3Buffer file of SuperDuper3.SDIdisk
TarUNIX tar program. For gzipped tar archives, you can first use the GZip client to extract tar file and afterwards Tar client to extract final files. Sorry, but one-pass TarGZ is impossible.SDIfile
TR-DOS FSFilesystem for ZX Spectrum computers disk images.AmiSfilesystem
Trackmo-DOS FSFilesystem used on some demo disks.Ronald van Dijkfilesystem
Unreal packageContainer format for Unreal game.Stuart Caiefile
WarpVery old disk archiver system by SDS software.SDIdisk
WinZip MS-EXEOften used self extracting Zip format on MS-Windows based machines.SDIfile
WrapsterWrapster is a way of using the Napster MP3 sharing system to share all types of files.Stuart Caiefile
Wrapster 3Wrapster is a way of using the Napster MP3 sharing system to share all types of files.Stuart Caiefile
X64 DiskImageDisk Image of C64 floppy.Ronald van Dijkdisk
xDiskXPK based archiver from Oliver Wagner released with German Amiga Plus magazine.SDIdisk
xMashXPK based archiver.SDIdisk
XPK ArchiveFile archive created with XArcTool and xpkarchive.library. This should be the top level of XPK, but never got widely accepted.SDIfile
ZAPOlder disk archiver by "GREMLIN of MAYHEM".Stuart Caiedisk
ZipThe most often used archiving system.SDIfile
Zip MS-EXESelf extracting Zip executables for MS-based machines.SDIfile
ZooVery old archiver.SDIfile
ZoomOlder Zoom disk archiver made by Olaf BarthelSDIdisk
Zoom 5Newer Zoom disk archiver made by Olaf Barthel.SDIdisk

You see, the XAD system supports really a lot of formats. And all without any of the original creator or extractor programs. It also allows to extract data from all these formats unlike many of these archive type detectors. And every new release contains many new formats.

Overview of not-yet existing clients
To give you a short information about work in progress this table was made. Don't assume this is up-to-date. Ask before making own stuff. Also ask if you would like to contribute, but have no idea what to do.

And now a table with information about the current clients in progress:

7zipAll known algorithm using archiverRonald van Dijkpartial
ABackUpABackUp image files and disk images none
Ace 2newer Ace formats (will be included in Ace)SDIplanned
ADFS / DFS filesystems Stuart Caieplanned
ApeMS-DOS archiver none
AppleDoubleolder Mac archiver none
AppleLink Packageolder Mac archiver none
AppleSingleolder Mac archiver none
CHM/HTMLHelpWindows HELP formatStuart Caie99% done
Compactorolder Mac archiverSDIpartial
Crush! v1.8 Stuart Caieplanned
DiskCopyolder Mac archiver none
DiskCruncherolder Amiga disk cruncher none
DiskDoubler 1older Mac archiverSDIpartial
DiskDoubler 2older Mac archiverSDIpartial
DiskPackerolder Amiga disk cruncher none
DiskRipperolder Amiga disk cruncher none
DiskSalvDiskSalv backup formatStuart Caieplanned
HDBackUpABackUp image files and disk images none
IMP / WinImp Stuart Caieplanned
Macintosh HFS FSMacintosh filesystem none
Minix FSfilesystem of MINIXRonald van Dijkplanned
Microsoft Tape Format Stuart Caieplanned
MS OLE Stuart Caieplanned
JarMS-DOS archiver none
OWSolder Amiga disk cruncher none
PartitionMBR of PC harddisksRonald van Dijknearly finished
Phoenix-DiskCruncherolder Amiga disk cruncher none
Private Fileolder Mac archiver none
Rarrewrite of Rar client to support missing formats and fix lots of bugsSDIplanned
Sharunix shell archivesStuart Caieplanned
SquashMS-DOS archiver none

And some formats, which need to be expanded.

AMOSadd missing stuffStuart Caie
ASCII encodingadd all the missing ASCII encoding formatsStuart Caie
COP!addition of missing algorithmsStuart Caie

If you have any comment, problems, suggestions or WWW addresses concerning XAD, mail me at webmaster@dstoecker.de or use the mailing list.