This is a library providing an interface for unarchiving all possible types of file or disk archives. It is NOT an archiver GUI or anything like that. This system does the COMPLETE unarchiving stuff with internal routines, NOT calling shell programs or using other programs to do the work! It is comparable to xfdmaster.libray system providing same features for crunched files and programs.

The system has lots of features. Here is a list of some:

The interface can be built by application programs like included shell utilities. It provides same features and interface for ALL types of supported archivers. E.g. virus checkers could use this system to do very comfortable background archive checking.

The CheckX utility uses this library to do virus scans in archives and also VirusZ and Virus_CheckerII now support this library.

The xadmaster.library is Shareware with very special conditions. There are no usage restrictions (means this is no Crippleware!), and xadmaster.library use can be implemented into programs without any restrictions.

Only the end users have to pay shareware fee, if using xadmaster.library. There are 3 forms of payment to get a registered user:

For programmers using xadmaster.library in own applications (f.e. in virus scanners): NOTE: This conditions only cover the xadmaster.library! External clients may have different legal state. For example LZX and Zoom both are Freeware. So expect clients to have any legal state. You need to check this for every client. Normally the version string in the client should tell you what type it is.
The distribution

People related to XAD system
Dirk St÷cker As XAD is a shareware project there is one main person, which is the maintainer and copyright holder of most parts. (mail me)
AmiS AmiS made TR-DOS client.
Andrew Bell Andrew is the author of Voodoo-X, the official GUI of XAD system. He made that nice GUI little time after first contact with XAD.
Stuart Caie Stuart made a lot of clients for XAD and helped me to design some parts of it. Really nice to have people like him helping with development.
Mikolaj Calusinski He made the really first client (except mine) and like Stuart helped a lot with XAD design issues.
Mariusz Danilewicz He translates the documentation texts to polish language.
Ronald van Dijk Ronald made some filesystem clients, sent lots of bug reports and helped to develop some parts of XAD. But he already payed the registration fee, so he is 3 times registered :-)
HervÚ Dupont HervÚ translates the documentation texts to french language.
Stefan Haubenthal He made the original Cpio client which was remade by myself inbetween.
Michal Jarzynski He made the oe4 client.
Matthew T. Russotto Matthew made the hard work to get CAB Quantum and StuffIt 15 algorithms.
Sigbj°rn SkjŠret He made the original idPAK client now replaced by Stuarts variant.
Daniel Sternik Daniel is polish proofreader of docs.

Mailinglist with XAD related topics
To make the users and developers happy there is an official mailinglist. You can

This group covers all the questions and stuff around XAD system and Voodoo-X GUI, so feel free to take part.

Press releases and tests
This section contains some links to reviews of the XAD software, workshops and other reports.

If you have any comment, problems, suggestions or WWW addresses concerning XAD, mail me at webmaster@dstoecker.de or use the mailing list.

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