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BinHex - a hex «» file converter

This program converts data (for example program code) into the hexadecimal data system. This data could be edited with your favorite ASCII text editor. After that you can convert the data back to their old style. So you do not need a special hex editor and you will also be able to delete parts of the file, insert parts and so on. Most hex editors allow only to change given data.

Be sure that you know what you are doing! To insert some data into program most time crashes the program, because the internal addresses are now illegal. But the ability to delete data is useful for removing start code from modules, pictures or text.

Download: BinHex, ReadMe

Change - a file modifying and changing utility

This program gives you the possibility to edit data in text/binary files. It scans through a file like the search/replace functions in some editors.

What is it able to do:

Download: Change, ReadMe

CheckX - check for archives, packers and viruses

This program uses xfdmaster.library and xvs.library for packer and virus scanning. The xadmaster.library is used to dearchive file and disk archives.

CheckX unpacks archives and packed files as deep as possible:

Using xadmaster.library as decruncher also BBS texts for disk-archives are checked for crunchers, linkers and viruses. It is possible to turn off some of the dection features by selecting NOUNARCHIVE, NOUNTRACK, NOUNDECRUNCH and others.

CheckX produces a log file, which can tell you all you need and the program in generally is designed to be non-interactive. To remove viruses, decrunch or unlink files, you need other tools (even if the SAVE option allows to save uncrunched and unlinked files).

Download: CheckX, ReadMe

CLib-SDI - example library in pure C code

This is an example library written completely in C code. It is much like the CLib made by Andreas Kleinert, but I think it has some improvements compared to the code from Andreas. It has been tested with MaxonC 3, MaxonCPP 4, SAS-C 6.5x, StormC 3, vbcc 0.7 and gcc 2.7. Test it, if you are programmer of shared libraries. It is a lot easier than handling the startup code in assembler or using the linker interfaces of different compilers.

Download: CLib-SDI, ReadMe

ConvertNum - number converter

This program can convert numbers between decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary and roman number format. Additionally also ASCII chars are printed, so ASCII to dec/hex and reverse is also possible. It supports negative numbers for input as well. It displays ten number conversions together.

ConvertNum uses Topaz 8 font always for its GUI.

Download: ConvertNum, ReadMe

Copy - powerful shell utility Copy replacement

Copy is a replacement of standard C: Copy command which supports all standard Copy options and some additional ones. Of course this Copy is reentrant (pure bit) like the original one.

Advantages of this Copy:

Download: Copy, ReadMe

fd2pragma - fd, pragma and stub library creator

This is a utility to create:

The current version is pure ANSI-C code and completely portable. Thus it allows to do cross development.

Download: fd2pragma, ReadMe

GetCRC - checksum calculation utility

This program has 2 aims. First it allows to calculate different types of checksums including CRC and much other types and thus allows to identify a given checksum. Second its source code shows how to create these checksums, so they can be used in own projects.

It is plain and portable ANSI-C code. The program is called like GetCRC 'filename' and prints the resulting checksums of this file.

Text modes aren't supported, but it always uses binary mode. The file must fit completely in memory. These are no restrictions to the algorithms, but are restrictions of using all of them in one program.

Download: GetCRC, ReadMe

GrabKick - utility to save kickstart image

This program copies the content of an kickstart ROM into a disk file. There are many legitimate reasons for wishing to make a file copy of a ROM image. I don't condone using this program for any illegal uses however. You should be aware of the laws in your region with regard to fair use of software, including software contained in ROMS.

Why use GrabKick and no other ROM grabber?

Download: GrabKick, ReadMe

HunkFunc - Amiga object file information display

This program allows you to display information about the structure of an Amiga executable file (or a link object).

The first version of this program is made with help of HunkFunk utility made by Olaf Barthel. But as Olaf's utility misses a lot of hunks and other information, I made my own tool. This version knows a lot more possible configurations and is shorter, as it uses Amiga functions instead of ANSI-C.


Download: HunkFunc, ReadMe

Join - file joiner, shell utility Join replacement

Join is a replacement of standard C: Join command which supports all standard Join options and some additional ones:

Advantages of this Join:

Download: Join, ReadMe

MakeMountList - Tool to create mountlist entries

MakeMountList creates a MountList from an already mounted device. This may be useful when you disabled e.g. DF0: in boot menue, you can mount it later with this entry. It may be used also to get information about a mounted device. This one uses much better type dections than all the other stuff I found in Aminet.

Download: MakeMountList, ReadMe

PluginDemo - plugin example in pure C code

This is an example code written completely in C code. It shows how to design plugins on Amiga systems using the LoadSeg() functions and normal AmigaDOS executables.

Download: PluginDemo, ReadMe

ProcessIcon - Icon manipulating tool

ProcessIcon is a program to change a lot of icon attributes: tooltypes, icon type, default tool, drawer data, image depth, position and icon images.
You can either copy, set or remove these attributes. The program is also able to add default icons, when no icon is attached to the given name. A view mode allows to give detailed information about the icon and an optimize mode allows to delete useless entries to save space.
I made it to replace drawer and text file icons with my favourite images without changing the icon position or the drawer data.

Download: ProcessIcon, ReadMe

reko.datatype - a datatype to display REKO cardsets

This datatype allows to display cardsets of Klondike solitaire program.

It supports all know types:

Type I55 cards13*4 + back + empty + special
Type II59 cards13*4 + back + empty + special + 4*stack
Type III68 cards13*4 + back + empty + special + 4*stack + 9*prefs
RKP 857 cards13*4 + back + 4*stack
RKP 1657 cards13*4 + back + 4*stack

The RKP cards need picture.datatype V43 or they cannot be displayed.

The datatype has been designed to support Soliton cardgame. This allows to use REKO cardsets directly from Soliton. You only need to set an environment variable for that.

Visit also the RekoNet at, where you can get lot of cardsets and related links.

Download: reko.datatype, ReadMe

StripHunks - a hunk stripper

StripHunks strips useless hunk information from executable files. It supports wildcards and can scan sub directory trees. The ONLYSHOW options allows to get strip information without really doing the strip.

An additional option SORTRELOC allows to sort relocation information. This may save space for older files and allows better byte-for-byte comparision of files.

By default all stripping methods are turned on. A lot of NOxxx keywords turn of special options and thus you can select directly what you want to strip and what should stay.

Download: StripHunks, ReadMe

TABS - tab stop handling utility

TABS is a program to convert spaces into tab stops, tab stops into spaces. It supports currently normal texts, C source code and AmigaGuide texts. It is also able to change the tab stop width (for example: from 4 to 8) and to delete spaces or tab stops at the end of a line (because they are useless).

Download: TABS, ReadMe

WWTabManager - Wordworth table manager

This program gives you the ability to edit the size of rows and columns of the tables used in WordWorth.

It comes together with an ARexx script, which calls WWTabManager for the current edited text in WordWorth. This script is not very nice, but it is the best I can do at the moment with the current ARexx port of WW5-7. If somebody is able to make a better script, please send it to my mail address and I will include it in the next release. The script asks for the save-filename, saves the file under this name, starts WWTabManager and after that reloads the text. (A lot of requesters have to be dealed with, but I found no better way!)

Download: WWTabManager, ReadMe

xfdmaster.library - decruncher system

As Georg Hörmann has not longer time to develop both xfdmaster.library and VirusZ antivirus program (together with xvs.library), I do further updates.

This software package allows you to decrunch almost every packed file known on the Amiga. It consists of the xfdmaster.library as the brain and a couple of programs that offer certain functions to the user.

The xfdmaster.library is a standard Amiga shared, runtime library. It works with Kickstart V33+ and offers applications the possibility to directly support any crunched files.

The xfdmaster.library has a very flexible interface, offers the possibility to decrunch already loaded program segments, supports external decrunchers, is able to unlink 4EB9/4EF9- and text-linked files and can scan for crunched data in any memory area.

New crunchers, linkers, crunched files, linked files, comments and any other new stuff is welcome.

Download: xfdmaster.library, ReadMe, Developer stuff, Developer ReadMe

CheatCollection - list of over 1000 cheats

Very easy to use list of cheats, solutions and other hints to as many games as I got. I tried to use very less space for a good design, but I think it looks not bad. Should work on all machines, which are able to start an AmigaGuide viewer! This list is available in German (more than 1000 cheats) and English (more than 1200 cheats) language.

A little comment:
After the upload of the last version of CheatCollection I got only few e-mails. As there was nearly no user response, this list is no more developed.

Download CheatCollection: English part, English part ReadMe, German part, German part ReadMe

currently unreleased stuff

If you are interested in some of these programs, please contact me and I will release the stuff. Comments are welcome too. If you need some options added, tell me and I will add them.
Unreleased means these programs are fully developed, but I never found the time to write a documentation. This is only the stuff which maybe useful to some of you.