Version watch


programverrevrelease date readmesourcedownload
BinHex1202000-06-22 readme Yes BinHex
Change2392000-07-07 readme Yes Change
CheatCollection English191999-01-03 readme - CheatCollectE
CheatCollection German191999-01-03 readme - CheatCollectD
CheckX1942003-01-03 readme Yes CheckX
CLib-SDI112002-09-26 readme Yes CLib-SDI
ConvertNum1222000-06-22 readme No ConvertNum
Copy1182001-06-23 readme Yes CopyReplace
fd2pragma21712004-02-26 readme Yes fd2pragma
GetCRC1192003-02-16 readme Yes GetCRC
GrabKick1211998-04-07 readme Yes GrabKick
HunkFunc1172002-09-03 readme Yes HunkFunc
Join1202001-07-13 readme Yes JoinReplace
MakeMountList192000-06-09 readme Yes MakeMountList
PluginDemo112003-11-30 readme Yes PluginDemo
ProcessIcon1212002-02-03 readme Yes ProcessIcon
reko.datatype40122003-07-13 readme Yes sdiREKO-DT
rekotoppm102004-03-28   Yes C source
StripHunks192000-03-22 readme Yes StripHunks
Soliton212002-04-28 readme Yes Soliton
TABS1281997-05-17 readme Yes tabs
WWTabManager151996-05-21 readme Yes WWTabManager
xadmaster.library1212002-09-28 readme examples xadmaster000, xadmaster020, xadmaster060, xadmasterdev, xadmasterlang
xfdmaster.library39152003-03-09 readme examples xfdmaster, xfdmaster_dev
xpkmaster.library521999-09-08 readme Yes xpk_User, xpk_Crypt, xpk_CryptRdm, xpk_Develop, xpk_Source

and here some stuff I did only fix or upload to Aminet

programverrevrelease date readmesourcedownload
ACTION_GET_DISK_FSSM--1994-02-04 readme Yes actionfssm
HistoryLine HD Laucher--1998-08-10 readme - hl1416HD
HP11121998-09-10 readme Yes HP11
macfork102001-09-20 readme Yes macfork
PD Cheater26-2000-08-01 readme - PD_Cheater_V26
Storm V4 gcc--2001-06-09 readme Yes stormgcc_binut, stormgcc_cvs, stormgcc_gcc
tape64122002-05-09 readme Yes tape64
VirusZ III094ß2000-03-01 readme No VirusZ
VT3172000-06-24 readme
No VT_Binary
XFH1401996-11-26 readme Yes XFH