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This page is missing updates for some years now. :-)
About me

Till now I made programs in C, C++, Perl, MC680x0 assembler, U88x (Z80) microchip assembler, PowerPC assembler, Atmel AVR assembler, BASIC, PASCAL, AutoLISP, Java, VisualBasic, Python, Perl, Groovy, JavaScript. Additionally I have knowledge of Amiga shell script language, bash and awk scripts and Amiga Installer LISP dialect. And probably some I forgot. As I'm the author of a packer system some knowledge in crunching algorithms exists as well. Deeper knowledge of Amiga computers is a result of my programming life on that computer. I'm working with and programming for Amiga's, MS-DOS and MS-Windows computers, different Linux boxes and different non-Linux Unix boxes and the C64.

All these web pages say less about my work in geodesy. This is because these pages show my former hobby and not my work. :-)

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